A Most Exciting Night on Ecstasy
Ecstasy & Cannabis
Citation:   findnirvana. "A Most Exciting Night on Ecstasy: An Experience with Ecstasy & Cannabis (exp69715)". Erowid.org. Jul 20, 2013. erowid.org/exp/69715

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2 tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:00   smoked Cannabis  
I am 17 and this was my third time experimenting with ecstasy. I had first tried it when one of my good friends Moke (male) started selling it. Since we are really good homies, he offered me ecstasy for free several times and I enjoyed it. However, shortly after he started selling ecstasy he was arrested (for completely unrelated shoplifting, haha) and decided he was in too much trouble with the law to keep selling drugs. Since he had 8 pills left over to get rid of and since I had never taken more than one at a time, we decided that along with two of our friends we would each take 2 pills.

After looking forward to taking 2 pills for about two weeks, something came up with the two friends we had been planning to roll with and neither of them could make it that night. Moke and I were extremely disappointed at this bad news (which we received the morning of) and called everyone we knew to see if any of our mutual friends would be down to take ecstasy with us. We couldn't find anyone who wanted to do it that day, but we decided that the two of us would each take 2 anyway because...well why the hell not?

Two of our guy friends Altoe and M were having a joint birthday party by the beach. Moke and I decided that this would be a good place to thizz because we knew almost everyone and there would not be a ton of people there. He picked me up from track practice and took me to my house, where I showered and got ready to go. I wanted him to give me one of the pills on the way to my house so I could take a shower on ecstasy (something I had been wanting to do for a while) but he said he didnít want to be sober, driving me around, while I was coming up. I was ok with that. I burned a CD of trance/electronica/dance music for later. We left my house around 7 and headed to the North End.

And so the night began.

We stopped by a gas station to pick up the necessities for a night on E:
Orange juice: vitamin C is supposed to reduce the neurotoxicity of MDMA to the brain.
Tons of gum: many people find themselves grinding their teeth/clenching their jaw when using ecstasy. I have also heard of taking magnesium to counteract this tendency.
Water: nobody wants to overheat and die.
Newport 100s: menthols are so necessary.
Plenty of weed (we all smoke a lot).

The party at the beach wasn't starting til 8, so we each swallowed our two pills in the parking lot at the gas station so that we would be coming up when we arrived but not fucked up while driving. We had both tried these pills before, but never actually tested them for what was really in there. Each red pill had a cartoon Buddha printed on the front. I am told that red pills are notorious for containing heroin, but as I have never taken any opiates and we did not test the pills, I still don't really know what we took. Anyway, I swallowed my pills whole with some water and Moke chewed his with his front teeth. I had not eaten all day; he had eaten a few hours earlier; I was looking forward to a nice, long ecstasy trip.

We were driving towards the beach when Moke got a call from our friend Doubt (also male). Doubt was on the bus headed towards the beach, so we told him to get off the bus and that we would pick him up wherever he was. Moke also told him we had both taken two ecstasy pills and asked Doubt if he was interested. He was very interested. We picked up Doubt, his girl B, and Doubt's friend T (male) who I had met before but didn't know very well.

Neither Moke nor I could feel the effects of the pill yet. We offered each of our passengers a pill. We could tell they all were curious but didn't want to look too eager. After a bit of 'I'll do it if you do it' back and forth, they each chewed up a pill. They all seemed a little nervous but we assured them they were going to have the best night ever. I was especially excited that we had run into a good-looking single guy (T) to take ecstasy with us.

When we got to the beach, Moke and I were both starting to feel the effects of the drug. I noticed lights seemed a little more brilliant. I also felt very calm, which was unusual for me because I often feel a little nervousness or anxiety when trying a drug for the first time. I also often feel a little social anxiety when I'm going to a party, but I felt none. We tried to put on the trance CD I burned but it proved too early and none of us could really get into it yet.

We showed up at the beach where a bunch of our friends/acquaintances were playing beer pong. They were all getting drunk and most of them thought it was pretty funny that we were all rolling on ecstasy. Me and Moke sat down and started smoking Newports, T sat next to me and started drinking a little, Doubt was walking around greeting people, and B was sitting on the table looking cold (it was pretty chilly out and she didn't have a jacket). After my cigarette I was starting to feel more noticeable effects of the drug. I noticed Moke was doing something funny with his jaw, kind of opening his mouth a little and moving his jaw side to side, but I don't think he even realized he was doing it. But after about 10 minutes, the 5 of us decided it was way too cold and we would go sit in Moke's car and listen to music and roll a blunt.

We turned on some rap and I began to break up the weed. I split the swisher and spilled the guts out the window, but once I had the weed in the wrap, I noticed my hands were becoming very clammy and my fingers were starting to shake. The more we listened to music, the more I could feel the ecstasy hitting me. I was not nearly as coordinated as I expected to be, and eventually had to give up on the blunt and give it to Doubt, who was the only one who claimed to be sober enough to roll one. Either he really was starting to roll but didn't realize it since it was his first time, or he really was sober and just sucks at rolling blunts. Either way, it was a pretty shitty blunt, but no one really cared. We looked at our eyes in the mirror and realized that all our pupils were huge. T put his arm around me. B was starting to roll super hard. We started talking about other drugs we'd done, found out we share the same favorite movie (Pulp Fiction), and I bet her $10 she was going to tell me she loved me at least once that night. She didn't take the bet, and admitted she already thought about telling me that a couple times. She also told me she felt like she'd known me forever, even though we had just met. I found this hilarious and wished I had made the bet earlier, since she ended up telling me she loved me like 10 times. We got back out of the car to smoke and sat down on a bench by the pong tables. T sat next to me and shared his beer with me and we talked and flirted. Usually I get nervous about guys, but for some reason all the words just came to me easily and I leaned into him and drank Mickeyís, which tasted really sweet on my tongue.

The blunt felt like it didn't affect me at all. At least, I didn't feel like I was high on marijuana. But I think it did make the ecstasy kick in more, because right after the blunt I started feeling energetic and light. I called B over and told her and T to come to the swing set with me. The three of us went on the swings and it was dark out and it was so much fun! T got off his swing and started pushing me. A few minutes later, I grew tired of it and just wanted to sit in my swing with him behind me. Standing behind me, he put his arms around my middle, then put his chin on my shoulder. His stubble rubbed against my cheek and it felt so cool! And before I knew it we were making out on the playground.

It was really dark out by now, and we could see the whole city of Seattle across the water. We decided to walk farther away from the group and over to some picnic tables where the makeout session continued. I am used to drinking and how it lowers inhibitions, but it was really interesting to experience the same lowered inhibitions without the dizziness and sloppiness of alcohol. I didn't realize how out of character it was for me to be so forward about how I felt to someone I had just met. We snuggled in our big coats and felt each other up and it was so much fun! It was so much fun that every few minutes one of us would have to stop and say out loud, 'Holy shit! This is soooo cool...what more could you wish for? I'm standing on a beach smoking blunts, rolling balls, making out! This is soooooooo tight!!!' And it was. It was so romantic! The scene was already a romantic one, and it just felt so much cooler since we were both rolling on E. It was only about 9:30 now, but I was starting to roll pretty hard so I can't put the rest of the night in order for sure.

People started leaving. We all went out the gate and waited in Moke's car. Then Moke had to give a couple kids a ride and his car was full. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] Me and T waited alone at the beach kissing and walking around and listening to his iPod. When Moke got back, Altoe was sitting in the front and he was super loaded. B sat on Doubt's lap in the back and me and T sat next to them. Moke said, 'If no one's opposed, I'd be down to drive around for a while and listen to music.' We were all super down. We wanted to do things but were so unmotivated we could hardly be bothered to get up from our seats. Driving around felt sooooo cool! We were all squeezed in the backseat, and every corner we went around just pressed on my body in the right spot and made me feel good. We listened to the CD I made for a while. I highly recommend the song Ecstasy by ATB. Every time we turned the music up really loud I would get down in my seat, my eyes would close, and my teeth would start grinding a lot. I had always heard that ecstasy hits you in waves, but it wasn't til this night that I realized that the waves of ecstasy were hitting me exactly corresponding to when we were listening to music. When the music was turned up, we couldnít help but groove to it with our eyes closed! Even songs I didnít like made me bob my head with the rhythm.

By this time I was so high on ecstasy I could barely string words together. My thoughts were intelligent and coherent (or so I thought), but seriously, fuck trying to talk on two ecstasy pills, it is so hard (this also could have been because of what they were cut with).

Eventually we got tired of trance and switched back to slow-tempo rap. By 11 I was starting to come down a little bit but I was still definitely rolling. I could tell I was coming down because time started to creep along, going really slowly, and that always happens when I come down. Iím really glad I didnít have to drive that night, since I was still rolling when I got home at 1:30. I talked to my dad for a while and I have no idea how he didnít know I was on somethingóit must have been so obvious! I went down to my room to change and take a shower, but I ended up first sitting on the floor looking at myself in the mirror for at least 20 minutes. The shower was fun and felt good, but wasnít the overwhelming full-body orgasm I expected. I did not find it that hard to sleep and was in bed by 3.

Two days later, T called me and we hung out. I picked him up, we smoked a blunt, and then went to the park to sit on a bench. It was like the polar opposite of Friday night. Friday night we had no inhibitions and I have never felt so connected to someone. But Sunday? We were both still in that day-after-ecstasy phase, we smoked weed which tends to make people a little socially awkward, and it was just the two of us and we had never really hung out alone before. But after about 5 minutes of silence on the bench I spoke up and said, ďWow...Iím really sorry but Iím so socially awkward right now. This should not be awkward! But like...compared to the other night Iím just soo the opposite...Ē (he laughed and agreed) ď...like...I canít even look you in the eyes right now.Ē That broke the ice a little bit, but made me realize that false connections are a real thing and they really do suck. Anyway, Iím really glad I had the experience of taking two pills. I didnít learn a lot about myself or have insights and revelations like I did on mushrooms and LSD, but ecstasy was definitely more fun than any drug I have done.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69715
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 20, 2013Views: 26,241
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